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Azienda Agricola, del Vino Tòcco



The family business

We cultivate vineyards, an olive grove and an orchard.

The activity focuses on vine cultivation and wine production. The oldest vineyard is dedicated 80% to Cabernet Sauvignon. Pruning and harvesting are done by hand. Grass is allowed to grow between the rows and weeding of the inter-row between the plants is done mechanically or by hand. Fertilisation is with seasoned manure. Treatments follow the protocol for organic cultivation with organic pesticides, copper and sulphur. Conversion to organic cultivation for all crops is in progress from January 2022.

The youngest vineyard is dedicated to Cabernet Cortis, a grape variety distributed by Wineplant in Bolzano, and which is among the types of vines resistant to fungal diseases known as PIWI (“pilzwiderstandfähige” ). These new vines drastically reduce the use of pesticides in normal cultivation and are perfectly suited to organic cultivation.

Merlot, present in the remaining 20% of the old vineyard, has also been replaced by a PIWI Merlot since 2022. Two rows are therefore dedicated to the Merlot Khorus produced by Rauscedo of Pordenone in cooperation with the University of Udine.

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